IVP Global is particularly experienced in managing business and investment in fast moving and competitive industries. We customize solutions for various ventures by undertaking due diligence, evaluating, and maximizing the value of each potential investment.

Area of expertise

Private Equity and Asset Management

With our Chinese partner, a leading private Asset Management Company we are placing in western markets RMB denominated bonds inside of RQFII structure and hybrid. We have been recently awarded a mandate from a group of Chinese listed companies to acquire European counterparts with technological edge.

We are currently in a process of identifying acquisition targets meeting the following criteria:
  • Positive overall financial results and net profit no less than 10 bln Euro
  • One of the top 3 market leaders in the adequate niche
  • Manufacturing activity in robotics and its components, numerical machine tools, precision industrial tools, optical equipment, environment related technologies and other precision instruments.

Merger & Acquisition

We present a unique tailor-made approach towards our partners and their specific needs. Our unmatched in-depth knowledge of certain markets combined with the unique expertise of our team, and an unorthodox approach to identifying and screening the potential targets makes a winning, white tiger type of combination.

Due to the above we possess the ability to match clients’ investment needs with acquisition opportunities unnoticed but surely unachievable by other classic investment banks. Due to our set of relationships in China we can pull up financial resources enabling us to acquire virtually any target set.

Corporate Finance and Advisory

In order to provide our clients with one stop shop service we are able to propose a bespoke typical full range of corporate finance advisory services including strategy formulations, competitiveness analysis, positioning, SWOT analysis, valuations, and capital structuring.

These services are provided only as supplementary and according to our clients’ needs, frequently using the expertise of leading worldwide consultancies and investment banks. Such outsourced alliances provide their services under our supervision and guidance based on thorough understanding of the clients’ needs.

Project Management

Recognizing the diversity of projects, we tailor our solutions to reflect it, which means smart solutions for probity management, procurement strategies, funding, stakeholder management, community relations and publicity, scheduling, procurement, and delivery management.

IVP Global’s branches are providing project management services to energy & infrastructure projects including:

Power plants, power transmission, and renewable energy

Railway, roads, highway, bridges

Ports, airports

We are an exclusive representative and partner of more than 10 biggest state Chinese contractors in commercial power industry. We are managing the projects related to construction of new power plants (coal, gas, nuclear and other) or high and medium voltage power transmission lines along with their energy stations (1kV – 1000kV) – as well as in their further maintenance. We also renovate and reconstruct power grids as well as power and energy stations.

Trading Desk

IVP Global starts to introduce trading commodities and carefully selected high quality goods between Europe and China. Our goal is to open vast Chinese market for foreign goods and commodities which are aimed at fulfilling the needs of Chinese consumers.

IVP Global entertains unique, extensive and effective distribution channels in Mainland China.

We administer day-to-day assistance to Premier Clients with long term, geopolitical and financial views of the markets, helping to address their most challenging strategic issues.

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